Older Toes

Older Toes

The Older Toes started as a way for the older, slightly slower, usually fatter, typically pulling a hammy, rugby players to still be able to get out on the pitch, enjoy a day of slightly less competitive rugby, and chase the oblong ball around with our rugby brothers!

The Older Toes bring with them gray or thinning hair, pulled muscles, years of rugby tournaments under their ever expanding belts, and a desire to play 2-3 minutes of 7’s before praying there is a sub available.

Not as fast as you used to be? Still looking to get a run in? Come join the Older Toes. A team where you may not be the slowest, oldest, worst player on the pitch!

Come play for the TOE! Wear the TOE brand. Spread the word of the TOE!

good words. good people.

  • “My high school rugby team wore Old Toe jerseys in the Atlanta 7s/Life Camp. They're amazing and also helped us get there to have these life changing experiences, and I'm very thankful for everything they've done. I'm more than proud to have represented them in Atlanta and look forward to playing for them again."

    Cierra Aiken
  • "Old Toe has welcomed my high school team with opened arms. Wearing the Old Toe jerseys in Atlanta 7s 2015 was an experience that we'll never forget. We are all grateful for the support Old Toe has shared with us. We are happy to say that we are a part of the Lady Toe Women's Rugby Family"

    Angela Kyere
  • “Old Toe apparel and designs are stylish and comfortable. It has been an amazing opportunity wearing the Old Toe brand and playing rugby for them. I wear their jerseys proud everytime I step on to the pitch!”

    Michel Le Bennet