In 2000, 4 Charlotte RFC players, Eric Mangiardi, Craig Errington, Billy De Rosa, and Jeff Hayes formed a 7’s team to play in the Cape Fear Tournament, one of the largest 7’s tourney’s in the US….and ”Big Toe DeBraxton rugby Rosa” was born! Where and how they came up with the idea and the name is still somewhat a mystery.

In our first tournament, we lost to the Charlotte RFC’s team in the final, but the legend was born!

Two years later we won our first Championship at Fear, and followed up with another championship in 2004.

After the ‘04 campaign, and assuming control of the team, organizing jerseys, and registering for tourneys, the name was changed to “Old Toe De Rosa”, and then simply “Old Toe”.

Fifteen years later, Old Toe Rugby has become a premier 7’s club based out of Charlotte, NC. We enter multiple tournaments per summer, and every summer our numbers continue to grow.

After being approached by a number of our rugby sisters, we introduced The Lady Toes in 2014 followed by The Camel Toes in 2016.  Last year, LTR won the first tournament of the summer at Airborne 7s out of Fayetteville, NC.

We are now a USA Rugby certified club meaning that our elite squads have the capability to attend nationals in Colorado this summer if we qualify. Although this is not our ultimate goal this summer as we continue to grow, being registered with USA Rugby allows us to seize that opportunity if we so wish.

In 2015, Old Toe Rugby Wear, LLC had its first jerseys and shorts worn by rugby players! Our line of rugby match wear is proudly made in the United States, and our gear can be found all over the world. We will be taking our match wear on the road and travelling to numerous 7’s tournaments throughout the US to sell our products and promote our family and brand!

Welcome to Old Toe Rugby. A Rugby Team, A Rugby Brand, A Rugby Family! Once a Toe….ALWAYS A TOE!



Billy De Rosa
Old Toe Rugby Wear LLC